Luotolaisneule S-XL, sweater kit

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In the early 19th century, on Hailuoto Island people began to knit Luotolais sweaters. Mothers and daughters knitted shirts for men. Men used them as casual and work shirts. This tradition of knitting this traditional pattern has been treasured to this day.

This knit has retained its traditional look and is perfect for today. Knits made using thinner Pirkka yarn by Taito Pirkanmaa are also well suited for indoor use. The ecological Pirkka yarn is a perfect yarn choice for this traditional knitwear. It is durable, recyclable and the dyeing process does not burden the environment. The processing of the yarns takes place in a small area to ensure that transportation is kept to a minimum.

  • The kit contains 800 g of thin Pirkka yarn, buttons, and work instructions (in Finnish) for size S-XL.
  • Thin Pirkka yarn tex 125 x 2, 100 % wool, approx. 400 m / 100 g.
  • The yarn is suitable for both machine and hand knitting and weaving.
  • The shirt should be hand-washed, and airing in the fresh air will lengthen the washing interval.

traditional pattern adapted to Pirkka yarn by designer Minna Ahonen, Taito Pirkanmaa.

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