Wool, knitting yarn

Pirkka yarns

Taito Pirkanmaa Pirkka yarns are traditional, durable and versatile yarns. 

Sock yarns

Wool socks are great for a relaxed stay at home, or for hiking or skiing. Most sock yarns are wool-polyamide blends. Polyamide brings durability to wool yarn.

Pink ribbon yarns, kits and products

Roosa nauha Sock Yarn and 100% Wool Yarn, DIY dits, and pattern catalogs: The Taito organization participates in the nationwide Pink Ribbon campaign for charity.

Sandnes Garn

soft Sandnes Garn yarns from Norway


Knitters love Gründl yarns! Explore the modern, fresh lines in cotton, acrylics, and wool for all your knitting projects, and some super sock yarns too!