Rya rugs

Taito Pirkanmaa rya rugs, traditional tufted tapestries, can be ordered as ready-made wall textiles, as a kit for sewing, or as kits for weaving in looms.

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Rya rug yarn and supplies

We manufacture quality yarns and base fabrics for rya rugs and offer courses on making them. Sirkka rya yarn is a twisted wool yarn especially suitable for rya rug pile. Our hand-woven rug base fabric woven from wool and linen in looms is very well suited as a base fabric for rya.

Modern rya rugs

Our modern  rya tufted tapestry  and other kinds of wall hangings respect  traditions but keep them current. We have a wide range of  rya designs by renowned textile artists available as kits or made-to-order pieces.


Traditional rya rugs

In our collection, we have many charming traditional Finnish Rya that feature  classic Scandinavian folk art motives.

DIY Rya rug by sewing

Sewing a rya rug using Sirkka 100% wool yarn on the finished base fabric is easy and fun. The end result resembles rya rugs woven in looms, as the Taito Pirkanmaa's genuine rya base fabric is hand-woven into a linen warp with wool weft. For something different, we offer paper yarn craft kits for wall decorations.

DIY Rya rugs by weaving on a loom

A rya rug is easy to make yourself by weaving on a loom . Our weaving kits contain  materials and clear instructions for making your own rya .

Ready-made rya rugs

Rya tapestries are coveted home textiles. From our wide selection of rya, you can order them ready-made, made to order by a professional textile artisan.

Vesilahti rya collection

Vesilahti has its own collection of traditional and new rya designs.