Taito Pirkanmaa Oy






Taito Pirkanmaa Oy is a producer of good quality materials, model designer, maker of interior textiles and knitwear, specialist in marketing and selling handicraft work.  Taito Pirkanmaa not only cultivates traditions but develops them into new and modern form. Apart from helping handicraft friends by offering them genuine materials we also supply them with beautiful colour charts and new designs with the help of our textile artists. Through our shop professional handicraft people will find it easy to introduce their products into the market.


Yarn and Poppana

Pirkka-yarns made of wool, cotton and paper are the branded goods of Taito Pirkanmaa. Taito Pirkanmaa gave an inspiring effect on the use of poppana in the 1960´s by creating new products of it. Colour charts worked out by textile artists, new ideas and weaving instructions have guarantees poppana its success.


Glowing colours

The good quality of Pirkka-yarns is based on elaborate dyeing. Our colour proof yarns are dyed in skeins with best possible colours. In the dyeing process attention is paid to environmental factors. Colours used are environmental.


Wholesale trade

Our wholesale department works hard on high quality materials, yarns, poppana and cotton fabrics to make the most of them. Handicraft materials dyed in Finnish dye houses. And the materials are sold to home market, to foreign market, to craftsmen, to designers, to schools, to colleges and to the persons interested in doing things with their hands.


Carpets and interior textiles

Carpets and interior textiles are made of natural fibres: wool, cotton, jute and paper.  Some of the products are sold in our own shop, some are made to measure.  Products are made for our regular customers, for business presents and for the decoration of public buildings.


Colourful knitwear

Taito Pirkanmaa is well known for developing and manufacturing modern Finnish knitwear. Top quality knitwear’s are designed by textile artists.


Articles for daily use

Yarns, poppana, knitwear, carpets, interior textiles and many other articles for daily use are available in our shops and web shop. That is where handicraftsmen can find genuine materials, Ready-for-use kits, tools and instructions as well as new designs. There you can find both the products of Taito Pirkanmaa and the products of many other craftsmen.  These products have several things in common: Genuine materials, high quality and modern design based on tradition.