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1 kg = 102.00 €

The high-quality heavier sport-weight Pirkka yarn (Pirkka yarn is available in two weight options) delights even the most demanding crafters with its multitude of colors. Pirkka yarn is made of 100% wool. Garments knitted using Pirkka are stylish and durable. Our sport-weight yarn is recommended for hand knitting, knitting machines suitable for thicker yarn, weaving, and felting. The most suitable knitting needles size for the yarn is 3½ – 4 in metric sizes (8-9 UK, 4-6 US).  The knitting needles size 3½-4 is good for knitting sweaters, but we recommend 2½-3 metric size knitting needles for mittens, for example. 

Superfine fingering weight Pirkka yarn is also available and both yarn weights have the same color options available. 

Pirkka yarn is a significant part of Finnish yarn history 

We at Taito Pirkanmaa have been producing our handicraft yarns since the 1960s. The initial product development was helped by the fact that in the arts and crafts city of Tampere, almost every block had either a yarn dyeing plant or a spinning mill. 

Taito Pirkanmaa's flagship product, Pirkka 100% wool yarn, entered the market on a large scale in the early 1970s. Ensuring the high-quality of the yarn are decades of product development work, and the extensive color selection is sure to suit every taste. 

The high quality of Pirkka yarn is based on our own wool blend. The yarn is made in a spinning mill in Norway using Norwegian wool. The amount of further processing in Finland is extensive, more than half of the entire production chain. 

Pirkka yarns are dyed in Hämeenkyrö, in the coloring pots of our long-term partner PMK Värjäämö Oy. The colors used in the dyes meet EU standards, and the process is conducted in accordance with the environmental guidelines issued by the Environmental Agency. 

The quality of Pirkka yarns is also attained by individually checking yarn batches, spooling, and labeling at Taito Pirkanmaa. 

Pirkka yarns are durable, recyclable and the dyeing process does not burden nature. The processing of the yarns is done locally, and transport is kept to a minimum. 

Taito Pirkanmaa's Pirkka wool yarns have wonderful shades that are easy to combine. The yarn is suitable for a wide range of textures, such as multicolored stranded knits and knitting designs featuring braids. 


 Sport weight Pirkka is best suited for hand knitting, knitting machines for thicker yarn, weaving, and felting. 

  • DK-strength yarn: tex 285 x 2, 100 g, 175 m. 
  • Density: 21 sts x 29 rows = 10 cm 
  • Soft 100% wool yarn 
  • There are more than 80 colors in the Pirkka yarn color range.  
  • You can buy Thick Pirkka in two different skein sizes: 100 g and 50 g. 

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