Sukkaplokki sock blocker

from 14.90

Conveniently measure your unmarked knitting needles and block socks to shape! Especially in the case of lace knit socks, blocking makes the lace open beautifully.

The sock blockers are laser cut from Finnish birch plywood. Due to the material, it is recommended to pre-dry the socks, and after that the slightly damp socks can be slipped onto the blockers to dry them to shape. The sock blockers are easy to hang from the hook and their size is adjustable between 36-45, 33-36 and 27-32


Product Note Status Price
Pink Ribbon -sock yarn 100 g Pink Ribbon -sock yarn 100 g
Hot Socks color 50 g Hot Socks color 50 g
2.90 €
Hot Socks Rubin 100 g Hot Socks Rubin 100 g
5.90 €
1 kg = 59.00 €
Kirjo-Pirkka monivärinen 100 g Kirjo-Pirkka monivärinen 100 g
4.50 €
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