Metalli-paperi 001

(Metallipaperit: Metallipaperi 001)

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1 kg = 11.11 €

Paper yarns and colorful paper twines are great for  all kinds of DIY and craft projects . They can be knitted, used for crocheting, weaving, baskets, macrame, and paper flowers.

Because of the steel thread, you can braid and twist the yarn and it will stay in shape.

You can also twist open the metal thread from the end of the paper yarn and form a leaf shape from the paper. It is also easy to thread beads into the metal wire.

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Metallipaperit Metallipaperi 001

Product variations
Metallipaperi 001
Metallipaperit: Metallipaperi 001
3.00 €
Metallipaperi 011
Metallipaperit: Metallipaperi 011
3.00 €
Metallipaperi 018
Metallipaperit: Metallipaperi 018
3.00 €

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