Vihti, Hiiren talon -ryijy 130 x 165 cm


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RYA House of the mouse, Vihti

Taito Pirkanmaa, Vihti museum and Kisälli workshop worked together on the rya House of the mouse.

With the cooperation, the old rya in the museum was developed into a rya kit for sale. You can now make this timelessly beautiful rya by sewing it by yourself, weaving it in a loom, or getting it ready-made.

The original rya model is from 1808. The author of the original rya is unknown and it was donated to the museum of Vihti in 1989 by the House of the mouse in Jokikunta Härtsilä. The original rya was piled on both sides.

The base fabrics in Taito Pirkanmaa`s crafts kits are hand-woven in Finland. Rya is made of Taito Pirkanmaa Sirkka rya yarn. Yarn is 100 % wool.

- a traditional model

- the size is 130 x 165 cm

- material wool

- the base fabric is hand-woven in the loom, linen, and wool

- the sewing kit contains everything you need to make a rya: a base fabric, rya yarn, spatula, needle, work instructions, and rya care guide

- acoustic interior textiles




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