Pirkka paper yarn, 200g skein

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1 kg = 27.25 €

Pirkka paper yarn Nm 0,8

You can use paper yarn for knitting, crocheting, weaving and crafts.

When opened, the width of the paper thread is 1.5 cm. In knitting and crocheting, you can slightly dampen the paper yarn to make it more flexible.

Pirkka paper yarns are made in Finland.
Paper yarn is a special material. One of the characteristics of paper yarn is that the color is not uniform.

Light fastness on a scale of 1-7:

Dark and yellow 5-6 (excellent)

Light shades 3-5 (good)

The white thread turns slightly under the influence of sunlight over time.

Care: Hand wash in 40 degree water. The surface can be brushed lightly with a soft brush. Not machine washable, spin dry, tumble dry and dry clean. The product must be formulated wet and dried on an airy surface as a flat surface. Can be ironed up to 110 degrees.


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