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Taito Pirkanmaa yarns charm with their high quality and colours. Pirkka yarns are Nordic classics that are pleasant to knit. We often meet customers whose knitwear made from Pirkka yarn is still like new after years, even decades. Pirkka yarn is the ultimate yarn for machine knitting.

Pirkka yarns have a compelling history in the textile city of Tampere, Finland. We have been producing our own knitting and crafts yarns since the 1960s. 

Taito Pirkanmaa's product range includes various materials, mainly wool, traditional rya rugs, and paper yarns, as well as kits and a limited selection of finished products mainly from local textile artists and producers. We buy raw materials from our European partners. We dye the yarns nearby, in the pots of the PMK dyeing plant in Hämeenkyrö and post-process the yarns at Verkaranta, Tampere, where we also have a yarn store Verkavilla.

Dive into our store. There you will find inspiring ideas for the knits of your dreams. 

Luotolaisneule sweater kit

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Kaarnikka-kaarrokepaita, tarvikepaketti (OhutPirkkalanka: Viini 317)

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Ohut Pirkka wool yarn, 100 g

1 kg = 102.00 €

DIY kit Vuoristo rya, pink 25 x 35 cm (Rya: tarvikepaketti ommellen)


New Kitchen towel Lehdet

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New Hullukaali embroidery kit

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