Dream catcher, grey beads

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Make a lightweight  Dream Catcher by  tying with the  macrame  technique.  The accessory package includes Jute yarn in natural white, felt fabric, metal ring, beads, and work instructions (in Finnish).

The original purpose of a dream catcher is to filter out bad dreams and thoughts, letting go of good dreams and thoughts.  This dream catcher is a beautiful decoration in the bedroom that you can prepare as a gift for yourself or an important person. 

The pattern was designed by Taito Pirkanmaan Minna Ahonen.  The material in the dream catcher is Taito Pirkanmaa's  thin Jute yarn.  The jute yarn shows the knots beautifully and the yarn is comfortable to handle.  The leaves at the bottom are made of merino wool felt fabric.  In addition, beautiful wooden beads and Japanese beads come are included in the kit.   

  • Color: off-white with gray wooden beads 
  • Size: ø 20 cm, height 60 cm 
  • The crafts kit includes: Jute yarn, felt fabric, metal ring, and beads. 
  • In addition, you will need: a small pointed needle and scissors 
  • Design: Taito Pirkanmaa, Minna Ahonen 

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