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The book Icelandic Mittens brings together 25 beautiful mittens in one hardcover book written in English. There are 272 pages in the book. The instructions are made for thin Pirkka yarn, but there are also yarn options.

The mittens in this book are a contemporary interpretation of a collection of 19th- and 20th-century mittens and gloves from the Textile Museum in Blönduós in North Iceland.
These carefully reconstructed patterns and charts enable the creation of modern versions of a rich knitting tradition, focusing on both the utility and beauty of these knitted mittens and gloves.
The book emphasizes the variety of stranded color patterns and many different techniques so that all knitters can find a pair to knit at their desired level of complexity.
The author, GUÐRÚN HANNELE HENTTINEN, has a degree in textile teaching and has taught knitting for many years. For more than a decade she has also been the owner of Storkurinn, a yarn shop in Reykjavík.

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